Compass Personal Chef Services of Fort Myers Florida


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Personal Chef Service?

A Personal Chef Service is the perfect answer to providing you with great tasting, healthful, affordable meals in the comfort of your home without the daily hassle of shopping, cooking and cleaning afterwards. Offering the convenience of meal preparation in your home. Typically preparing one or two weeks worth of meals.

Q: How does a personal chef service work?

After you contact Compass Personal Chef Services, our professionally trained Chef will set up your in-home consultation. The Chef will discuss the food likes and dislikes of everyone in your home including any allergies. All the meals prepared will be made to your exact specifications and liking. A customized menu will also be planned and a date will be set for your first cook date.

When your cook date arrives, our Chef will shop for the freshest and highest quality ingredients available. Next the chef will arrive at your home, carrying groceries and any necessary equipments. Depending on your menu, cooking and clean up will take between 4 and 6 hours. The Chef will package and label all meals and place them in the refrigerator or freezer (you will decide this during your consultation). A menu listing all items and heating instructions will be left on your refrigerator door, and your kitchen will be cleaned and sanitized.

Q: Who Uses a Personal Chef Service?

* Families on the Go
* Busy Professionals
* Senior Citizens
* Health conscience individuals
* People desiring to eat only the freshest ingredients
* People with Special Dietary Needs and Restrictions
* People desiring to host a Large dinner party
* Individuals who dislike cooking
* Weight loss
* Vacationing Families
* Seasonal Southwest Florida Residents
* New Moms and Dads
* Newly Released Hospital Patients

More and more people from all walks-of-life are hiring a personal chef service.

Q: Do I need to be wealthy to have a Personal Chef?

Absolutely not! A common misconception is that a Personal Chef Service is only for the wealthy. Anyone who has a need to solve the “Whatʼs for Dinner?” Or “How do I cook that?” problem can hire a Personal Chef Service. More and more people from all income segments in SW Florida and surrounding areas are hiring personal chefs. If you appreciate great food, enjoy personalized service, and want more time in your busy schedule, a personal
chef service is exactly what you need.

Q: Can it save me money?

Yes, how many times have you pulled something from the freezer or made a trip to the store and never used the items or forgot to get another item from the store and had to go back to get it? How much did that cost? The time you invested… the money it cost in gas… the loss of and wasted food, not to mention the high price of gas these days.