Compass Personal Chef Services of Fort Myers Florida

Specialty Desserts

Specialty Desserts

Do you wish you had the time to make all the delicious baked goods that you and your family love?
Compass Personal Chef Services can help with everything from fully prepared baked goods, to treats that are ready for you to bake. Our specialty desserts are perfect for Holidays and milestone celebrations. Please contact us and ask for a price list.

Bread Pudding with Coconut Sauce

slideThis mouth watering treat baked with cinnamon and nutmeg and drizzled with coconut sauce will have you asking for more.

Chef Emma’s Ultimate Sweet Potato Pie

slideYou’ve never had sweet potato pie until you’ve tried chef Emma’s smooth and decadent homemade pie made with fresh roasted sweet potatoes.

Humming Bird Cake

You will be humming the praises of this delicious cake made with fresh pineapples, bananas, roasted pecans and a velvety vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Mango Crème Brulée

slideA rich custard like treat made with exotic mangoes and topped with a delicate layer of caramelized sugar.

Sweet Potato Cheesecake

slideThe smooth texture of this decadent cheesecake has a rich, buttery flavor accented with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Pineapple Island Rum Cake

An island experience is guaranteed with this moist cake infused with spiced rum and exotic flavors of the Caribbean.

Coconut Crème Caramel (Flan)

slideA silky coconut custard drizzled with caramel sauce.